Radical Notion is a feminist blog dedicated to giving women a voice. We believe women should have a space to share their personal stories regarding sexism, patriarchy, & misogyny. We also address sexism in society & culture.

The title, Radical Notion, is a tongue-in-cheek, semi-sarcastic reference to the quote, “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” It shouldn’t be so radical, but it is, and we’re working to change that.

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I’m an 18-year-old writer living in Colorado, and I’m also an accidental feminist. I believed in the cause before I even knew it had a name. I don’t know everything there is to know about it, but I want to make a difference. When I’m not ranting about social justice, I really enjoy watching TV shows. (And sometimes I talk about the sexism I find there, too.) I’m also a novelist. Basically? Fictional characters are my jam. You can find me on Twitter at @skyofthetiger.


radical notion possible headerI have always had feminist notions but until a few months ago they were smothered by the patriarch and fundamentalism. I now call myself a Jesus Feminist and am taking steps towards becoming my own person instead of forming my soul into my parents “perfect stay at home daughter” mold. I am still learning about feminism and figuring out my views on it. Since I am still living at my parents house, I use the pseudonym Ariela when writing about feminist matters. When not silently judging my ultra-conservative brother, I can be found writing [and reading] fiction and poetry, fangirling over various TV shows, attempting yoga, and planning world domination with Loki. Oh, and when I get particularly mad over an issue, I turn into the Angry Feminist Otter. Also, I blog at Ariela Roars.


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