An Introduction

The dam has finally burst.

After sitting through endless Facebook debates, articles, direct sexism, and infuriating current events, I can’t stay silent anymore.

We have a problem, and if you’re a feminist and you’re reading this, you probably already realize this. “All men are created equal”? Yeah, that’s the problem.

Women are seen as an accessory. It also seems to be a commonly-held belief that we owe men something. Our bodies. Our attention. Our smiles. We’re told to be sexy, but not too sexy. “Don’t tempt your brothers in Christ,” is a great phrase I heard a lot growing up. (No, it’s really not that great.) We’re told not to be straightforward, otherwise it’s seen as bossy. We can’t be assertive. We can’t be loud. We can’t have opinions.

We can’t be people. 

And I’m sick of tired of not feeling like I’m a person, like I matter.

So this blog is hopefully the first step of many. I’m gearing up to step forward, and this is where it begins.

I don’t know if I can change the entire world, but with me and my fellow women, I believe we’re going to try.